Posted: Aug 12 2013
by: Paul Rufus

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Ski helmets: surely an essential bit of kit?

Should motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets and ski helmets be compulsory? This has been a long running, and often contentious debate amongst lawmakers, participants and the medical profession for many years.

I, for one, don't want to get involved in the argument other than from my own personal perspective. I never, ever, get on my bicycle or hit the ski slopes without one. Period.

Over the past few year's the ski industry has embraced helmets. Rather than be in the minority, helmet-wearers both on and off-piste represent the majority of snow sport enthusiasts.

From my own personal perspective, wearing a ski helmet makes me feel safer and I have to admit I know feel much more comfortable wearing one. I never seem to get too hot or too cold in a helmet as opposed to my old trusty woolly hat. I also find it much more comfortable and practical to wear goggles with my helmet rather than my sunglasses. 

I'm fully aware that I'm much more likely to be hit by lightning rather than suffer a serious head injury skiing, but my annual skiing holiday is very precious to me. I'm not the world's greatest skier so I don't want my confidence to be dented, or my time on the slopes to be reduced by a head injury - no matter how minor.

I have become so accustomed and attached to my ski helmet, I would feel very naked if I didn't wear it. I'm not advocating that ski helmets should be made compulsory, but, to be honest, when I see skiers and boarders without, I do think... 'are you mad?'


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