• Momo Aero Matt Pearl White (Pre-order September 2021)

Momo Aero Matt Pearl White (Pre-order September 2021)


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Available to PRE-ORDER now, expected delivery September 2021

MOMO Aero Matt Pearl White

Aero is the new jet born from military and futuristic inspirations, projected in MOMODESIGN Style Centre.

It has got a unique and compact design, with a strong personality that encloses in itself all the features of a premium product: great aerodynamics, an innovative "patent pending" visor movement, an intelligent ventilation system, al for a top-level safety. AERO is a made in Italy product with a high technology content.


The wide anti-scratch and anti-fog transparent external visor has been realized flush with the shell. The classic external visor movement have been eliminated, ad a new visor system of "patent pending" has been projected and patented.

The integrated system I.V.S. has been obtained from the space between the shell and the EPS, and guarantees a great refinement in figure as far as design, the absence of aerodynamic whispers as far as comfort, and as far as safety on the reduction of cervical injury from helmet tripping on the asphalt after accident.

The two springs positioned in the I.V.S. make the visor movement extremely fluent following the rising of the visor while opening, and stopping it while closing, thus avoiding any fortuitous opening.

Ventilation System:

Apart from the traditional ventilation system, AERO is provided with an intelligent ventilation system with smart control, activated by downloading the MOMODESIGN Tornado 1.0 app (for android and Apple Smartphones).

This system can automatically maintain the helmet internal temperature, also in case of insufficient air flow, like driving at less than 50km/h or while stopping at traffic lights.

This way, the helmet becomes an "active" element with a consequent raise in comfort and safety for the motorcyclist.

Shell Design:

AERO has been thought as a single entity, where the shell shape meets and merges the wide external visor, its shape proposes a new design concept planned to give the helmet greater aerodynamics and raise its performance. Thanks to its unique and compact design AERO gives the customer a broad visibility and noiselessness.

Made from Thermoplastic material.

Sun Visor:

AERO is also supplied with a UV400 sun visor, it has wide visibility and an internal flush activation mechanism commanded by a running on shell board.

No Gap Visor:

The wide anti-scratch / anti-fog transparent external visor has been realized flush with the shell.

Tornado App:

Tornado is an app that runs the system of forced ventilation with a magnetic levitated fan with a capacity of 5 air litres per minute (6 in "turbo" function).

Loudness limited to 15db at full capacity.

Battery 1.8A, 3.7v li-ion battery, rechargeable in 1.5hr through micro USB and 1A power charger

System functioning - 8hr in an urban environment condition between -20°C and 40°C.

Connection between Bluetooth protocol.

GPS module integrated and temperature probe that registers internal temperature in the upper part of the helmet.

MOMODESIGN vent comfort software can be set up from your smartphone through the app, it is independent and autonomous and runs the magnetic livitated vent in a smart way.

Through the app, you can set:

  • Desired temperature (the software decides fan speed according to internal temperature and cruising speed)
  • Fan control (fan control function)
  • Turbo vent function is high temperature conditions guarantees maximum refreshment (thus reducing battery duration)
  • ECO function that optimizes battery duration
  • Helmet internal temperature monitoring while riding.

Inner lining:

Removable and washable inner padding


Manufactured in Italy, this helmet is legal for road use throughout Europe and meets the stringent ECE R22-05 safety standards only.


  • XXS (54cm)
  • XS (55cm)
  • S (56cm)
  • M (57cm)
  • ML (58/59cm)
  • L (60cm)
  • XL (61cm)


Not all sizes and designs will be available for immediate dispatch. Some helmets will be made to order but we always try to dispatch the helmet within 10 days of any order being placed.

Please note, any images showing a dark/tinted external visor are for illustrational purposes only. The helmet will come with a clear/transparent visor as standard.

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